People from all over the world, who visited Switzerland, could put photos of Swiss cities with #InLoveWithSwitzerland #Postcards in their social platforms till 19th of August 2016, and with a bit of luck win a competition.

Switzerland Tourism Office received thousands of beautiful photos, however they had to choose only 10 of them, which are the best representatives of Swiss cities.

My picture of the pedestrian bridge in Lucerne is one of the 10 postcards but this is not everything. I also have won the design- and packaging competition. So the look of the postcard set is based on my draft. I'm very glad that I have won both competition and were able to meet the people form Swiss Tourism to discuss the final result. It was a new and very interesting challenge.

The winning photographs are turned into the postcards, and will be sold as a limited edition. Everyone can buy this set of 10 postcards in local stores around Switzerland. The photographers, whose photos won, will be given a share of the profit.

There was also an exhibition of the winners photo at the Photobastei 2.0 from 6. to 16. October 2016.